A.E.K. & ASSOCIATES helps growing companies achieve greater performance and profitability by identifying, attracting and placing high-caliber Actuarial and Executive talent. Many of the professionals we have placed have exceeded our client’s expectations.

Our clients save time and money. Employers that need to fill a position want to do it quickly. The cost of unfilled positions exceeds the one time search fee in lost productivity, loss in market share or, in the case of consulting firms, inability to meet client deadlines. To facilitate placements for our clients they can choose to make use of contingency or retainer service.

On behalf of our clients we contact a select group of prospective candidates on a confidential basis, coordinate meetings, follow up after each step and update everyone concerned as to the developments and status. If the client chooses, we will do discrete reference checks on their behalf. We use our best efforts to locate the best available, qualified and motivated candidates. Our objective is to help the hiring company fill the position with the best person for the role.

Our real value to our clients frequently comes at the end of the interview process, not at the beginning of the search. We follow-up to help the company hire the select candidate. It takes a talented, dedicated and knowledgeable search consultant to help both parties negotiate the offer and ultimately get that highly-qualified candidate to the point that the correct offer is made the first time and accepted. We look forward to being your recruiter of choice.

“We do our best to find the best.”

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