A.E.K. & ASSOCIATES acts as a “confidential intermediary” by introducing busy, qualified, high-caliber professionals to career opportunities which they never would have been aware of without our recruiter/consultant’s involvement. Busy people do not have the time to dedicate toward thoroughly managing a career/job search, however, a select few are open to hearing about better or different opportunities.

Our consultants stay in regular contact with these candidates, who already have full-time jobs, and keep them abreast of current or potentially upcoming positions that match their skills and interests. We endeavor to help them advance their career curve faster and more discreetly than they could have on their own. We are the brokers between our candidate’s realities and our client’s possibilities.

Candidates pay no fees. The client, the company that does the hiring, pays all search fees. Once a company has decided to use a search firm, that cost is allocated outside of the compensation and benefits of the employee. Therefore there is no disadvantage to a candidate because a fee is attached. The hiring company’s only interest is to find and hire the best-qualified, available candidate as soon as possible.

Our consultants obtain feedback and update both parties. On occasion the consultant may assist the candidate, and the client, during offer negotiations by acting as a buffer when sensitive issues arise. While all offers can be negotiated they may not be acceptable to both parties. Our consultants do their best to present information to all parties concerned in such a manner that everyone understands the reality and potential before a final decision is made.

"Your success is our success."

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