Today, more than ever, executives with superior management skills and a high standard of ethics are in great demand. Integrity and people skills as well as knowledge and work experience are very important. Sometimes forgotten is chemistry and corporate culture. One has to like the company, environment and the people that you work with on a daily basis.

Executives should ask themselves a couple of key questions, such as:

  -  Where do I see myself in 3-5 years if I remain with my current employer?
  -  Why am I considering making a change?

With over 25 years of recruiting experience, we have found that the main reasons for making a change are:

  • Lack of advancement opportunities at present employer
  • Lack of opportunities for growth at present employer
  • Need for new challenges and responsibilities
  • There has been a key management change
  • Lack of faith in company’s direction
  • Location – work closer to home, less commute time

Allow us to help you connect with potentially better or different career opportunities, at no cost to you. Let us discuss how we can assist you in moving ahead in your career.

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