The future regarding actuarial opportunities is very bright. The Jobs Rated Almanac continues to rate a career as an actuary as one of the best jobs in North America and internationally. Actuaries have risen to top management positions in large corporations, particularly in the insurance and consulting industries.

To make a wise career choice one has to give careful thought to one's own abilities, potential and long term career interests. A.E.K. & ASSOCIATES is ready to help you get ahead in your career faster by presenting you more opportunities.

Insurance and consulting companies are always on the lookout for outstanding actuarial professionals who have achieved their ACAS/FCAS, ASA/FSA designations and have specialized skills.

Are you are ready to explore new career opportunities? If you are, we invite you to contact us and one of our search consultants will follow up with you to discuss current opportunities that match with your experience and career goals.

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